Sunday: It is Finished

If God himself in Jesus Christ bears the curse that must fall upon the transgressors of His law, then it really is borne; then there can be no thought of our bearing it again and further.  Then we are acquitted according to the law, yes, declared righteous.  For if God’s curse no longer falls on us, what can we be– there is no third possibility– what can we be in His sight, and that means in reality, but righteous?  If God Himself in Jesus Christ suffers the punishment that our existence would have to incur, then that means that He, this Other, has sacrificed His existence for us.  It follows that we can only recognise ourselves as those whom He has thereby won for Himself, who have therefore become His property.  If God will not punish us because the punishment is over and done with, then that means that we may now live as those who have been released by Him and who are therefore His own.

Karl Barth, Credo, p. 93

Praise God for the redemption which is in Christ Jesus!

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