Sunday: Am I a Bearer of the Cross?

The call to follow Christ is all-inclusive.  The followers of Christ must have no reluctance and reservations; they must abide with him and thus share in his salvation, dwell in his light, profess his truth, and draw on his life.  Though the threat of opposition and even violent death mat cast its shadow on such crossbearing, the faithful know that no one will snatch them out of the hand of the master.  Believers no longer have the right to dispose of their lives as they see fit.  Hence they take up the cross of self-denial and join the Man of Sorrows.  As partakers of grace they yield to death their old lives– vast complexes of sinful reactions– and make also their suffering conformable to the example of Christ.  For to be a cross-bearer is to have rendered all authority to Christ.  The life of the cross-bearer is not one of austere imitation but rather one of conformity rooted in reconciliation.

G.C. Berkouwer, Studies in Dogmatics, “Faith and Sanctification” (p. 139, 143)

I pray that one day the life that I live might be the life of Christ living in me.  But I need more practice dying.


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