The Indescribable Work of Christ

Neither descriptions nor enumerations can take in the majesty, breadth, power, and significance of the earthly ministry of Christ; there is no measuring-stick for the all-surpassing wealth of God’s love, manifest in His mercy for the fallen and for sinners in miracles, in healings, and finally in His innocent sacrificial death, with prayer for His crucifiers. Christ took upon Himself the sins of the entire world; He received in Himself the guilt of all men. He is the Lamb slaughtered for the world. Are we capable of embracing in our thoughts and expressing in our usual, everyday conceptions and words all the economy of our salvation? We have no words for heavenly mysteries. (Fr. Michael Pomazansky, Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, p. 196.)

I thought this a good continuation of the recent posts dealing with the incomprehensibility and inexpressibleness of God. This is not only true of his person, but of his work. Who can plumb the depths of what Christ has accomplished for us and our salvation?

Worthy is Lamb that was slain…


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