David Tyree and the Anarchy of Gay Marriage

David Tyree, the New York Giant hero of Super Bowl 42, has ruffled some feathers. Fox reports, “Asked what he thought would happen if gay marriage was legalized across the US, Tyree said, ‘This will be the beginning of our country sliding toward, it’s a strong word, but anarchy.’”

Will gay marriage really lead to anarchy? Is David Tyree right?


David Tyree is absolutely wrong.

Gay marriage will not lead to anarchy. Gay marriage is anarchy.

According to Paul, the embracing of homosexuality is the last step in a society’s rebellion against God (Rom. 1:18-28). Three times it is stated that God “gave them up;” and the last time God gives up is with those men and women who practice homosexuality.

In several places the Bible speaks of sin that is unpardonable, or leads to death. In each of those places, the individual is in view. But in Romans 1 we seem to have the unforgivable sin of society. When a people or nation protect, endorse, sanction, promote, embrace, encourage a homosexual lifestyle, it is the sign that God has given them up.

Does this mean things cannot get any worse? Does this mean that gay marriage is the greatest abomination that a people can commit? Quite the contrary, this means that things are actually going to get much worse. Romans 1:18-28 teaches that God gives up on the people who embrace this lifestyle. When God gives up, his Spirit stops striving against sin. He lets man have his own way. The voice of conscience is silenced.

How far is too far? Five states along with Washington D.C. have legalized gay marriage. The issue of legalization is in the legislature of New York and courts of California. Will God give up on America for the sin of just these few? Perhaps not (cf. Gen. 18:23-33). But to think gay marriage is a parochial problem is obviously wrong. The media- news, social, popular- are constantly pushing the issue. The issue is not going away until it is the law of the land.

Christians, like David Tyree, who think that gay marriage is the beginning of our country sliding toward anarchy, are well intentioned but naïve. Gay marriage is not the beginning of the slide, it is the thump at the bottom of the slide.

Only to find that the ladder back up has been taken away.

One thought on “David Tyree and the Anarchy of Gay Marriage

  1. Sad but true, I saw something in the paper about Lady Gaga, I read it because I didn’t know what “a lady Gaga” was. I was sorry I read it, because it was very disappointing. Yes, it is more like the thump at the bottom of the slide.


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