Who is God? An Outline of the Theology of Psalm 71

God is:

My Rock (71:3)
My Fortress (71:3)
My God (71:4, 12, 22)
My Hope (71:5)
My Trust (71:5)
My Strong Refuge (71:7)


In righteousness:

The LORD delivers and rescues (71:2)
Acts (71:15)
Helps (71:24)


The LORD’s righteousness:

Is his alone (71:16)
Reaches to the heavens (71:19)


The LORD’s deeds:

Are righteous acts of salvation (71:15)
Are mighty (71:16)
Are wondrous (71:17)


The LORD will:

Revive me (71:20)
Comfort me (71:21)


So I will:

Hope continuously (71:14)
Praise increasingly (71:14)
Tell of his righteous acts and salvation (71:15)
Tell of his righteousness (71:16)
Praise him with harp (71:22)
Sing praise with the lyre (71:22)
Shout for joy (71:23)
Talk of his righteous help (71:24)

Your righteousness, O God, reaches the high heavens.
You who have done great things, O God, who is like you?
Psalm 71:19

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