Are the Pro Choice agenda setters finally starting to get it?

This (Half Aborted)is a fascinating article from the pro choice set that clearly sets forth the moral evil inherent in all abortion. Tim Challies, prominent bloggger and conference speaker comments, “Articles like this are the reason I believe abortion will eventually become taboo in our society. The immorality of abortion is just too apparent and sooner or later people will have to come to terms with the reality of what it is.”

I do not share his optimism. As we talked about at Wednesday night Bible study, if people will not believe the Bible it does not matter what miraculous sign is given to them. It is clear that those on the pro-choice side of the argument have any interest in taking the Bible seriously. A pro-choice website named “Jezebel”? Really? What would happen if a pro-arab groub called itself Hitler’s Camp?

The quandaries, conundrums, and misgivings caused by “reduction” abortions may give a few pause to think. But I doubt it will do much more. More likely, pro-choicers will simply use it as a further-to-the-left boundary line to convince themselves they are not as bad as others. There are hints of it already in this article. “Yeah, I had an abortion. But at least I am not so heartless as to have a reduction. What fiend would do that?” But as the article demonstrated, the only difference in any abortion is the will-dead in sin-of the mother. A baby is a baby.

Read it. You may not find a better article to support the pro-life position.

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