John Calvin on the Big Bang and Evolution

Others have indeed said that the world has not always existed. But so what? They have conjured up the most obtuse and absurd things a human could utter to resist God’s majesty, and they are unable to contemplate his glory, which ought to be evident as it displays itself so plainly before us. That is why they prefer—I am not joking—to say that the world came together by chance and that there were tiny objects tumbling around that the sun used for building the moon and the starts, the earth, the trees, and even men. Could anyone think up a scenario more stupid than that?
So let us pay close attention to this word ‘create’ and be armed against all diabolical illusions, and let us be steadfast in resisting them and steadfast in the knowledge that everything was made from nothing because there is no existence except in God alone, and that we have from him all the we have and are.
(Sermons on Genesis 1-11, trans. Rob Roy McGregor (Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2009), 11-12, 13)

I’d say that sums it all up nicely.


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