Thank you Antonin

Every time I listen to Dvorak’s 9th symphony I wonder why anyone bothered writing music afterwards.


3 thoughts on “Thank you Antonin

  1. I’m glad you like Dvořák’s “New World” Symphony so much. Though it’s said that familiarity breeds contempt, I have no contempt for that work. However, I’ve heard it so many times — it’s so often played on the classical music station in my area — that I do not want or need to hear it again for some time. I’m burned out. I prefer Nos. 7 and 8 and have not yet heard them so many times that they no longer uplift me.
    If you do not know Mahler’s symphonies, I urge you to listen to them, especially when conducted by Claudio Abbado. Many of them are on Youtube. You might begin with No.1, then No. 4, then No. 2. In all the years I’ve been listening to all of them, I’ve never tired of even one.

    Now I wrote only about symphonies. Christopheram likes Arvo Pärt, as do I. But we are dealing with two very different “musics”.

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