Psalm 119:81-88 Kaph A Prayer

When is this going to end Lord? When will you intervene on my behalf? If I am to keep your truth, I need your help. You are my only hope Lord. I have not forgotten you nor forsaken your word. But a trap waits for every step I take. The arrogant seek my humiliation.


A short prayer because this octave is one of lament. Many of the Psalms argue against my thesis, but I think those in deep distress don’t usually have time to compose poetic prayers of artistry. But I don’t want anyone to feel they are not getting the full value of their subscription: so a few extra notes.

Note how every verse alternates between condition and request.

Note the several couplets: longing soul and eyes (1,2); not forgetting or forsaking (83, 87); persecute me (84, 87); and “do not live” (85) with “give me life” (88). So every verse has a connection with one other verse, but it is not a rigid connection. That is to say, all of the requests do not match other requests; or conditions match other conditions. There is not chiasmus or inclusion. It is the art of the Psalms- the pattern is there, but it is not firm. It is a regular irregularity.

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