Mortification of Sin chapter 10: do these 3 things or sin will destroy you.

Sin “darkens the mind so that it cannot make a right judgment about things [and] shall not judge aright of its guilt.” Sin, when it has taken root, blind the mind; deceives the heart; and takes the sinner away to ruin. To battle this deadly trait, believers must develop a clear and abiding sense of the guilt, danger, and evil of sin.

I must keep on my mind and conscience the guilt of sin. I am a believer. I have received God’s grace and God’s Spirit of holiness. When I sin, I am not simply yielding to my nature. I am openly rebelling against the new nature God in Christ has given me. My sin is a repudiation of the love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness that God has given me.

My sin is dangerous. My sin hardens my heart away from the fear of God. My sin convinces me that it is no great evil. My sin persuades me that God will forgive- that is His business. Mt sin will eventually make me sermon-proof. I will not hear God’s voice. I will grow unconcerned about my sin. Sin is no big deal. My sin places me in danger of receiving God’s stern discipline. Am I ready and able for God’s anger to break out against me? Am I willing to suffer the loss of my family, friends, and possessions? Am I ready to suffer the loss of peace and strength all the days of my life? Living a life that longs for death? Am I ready to be destroyed for my sin? Eternally? “Though God does resolve to deliver some from a continuance of sin that they may not be destroyed, yet he will deliver none from destruction that continue in sin.” Only an atheist believes continuing in sin will not lead to destruction.

My sin is not only dangerous with respect to the future; it is evil with respect to the present. My sin grieves the Holy Spirit. I should be ashamed at such treatment of the Spirit who strives so righteously within me to form the image of Christ. The Lord Jesus is also wounded by sin. I crucify him afresh. I deny his love and put him to shame.  Sin robs me of my usefulness to those around me. God will not bless me witness, teaching, preaching, praying, etc. God will blast all my undertakings.

How treacherous is the sin in my heart? Will I continue to pursue it even as I meditate on its guilt, danger, and evil? Yes. Yes I will. That is how treacherous sin is. Still I make excuses. Still I plead mercy. Still I think I will be the one exception in the entire universe. That God will somehow let me slide by with no consequences.

Pray for me, a sinner.

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