New Christian History issue 100: Happy 400th Birthday KJV

Yesterday the mailman was kind enough to deliver my issue of Christian History. As explained in the editor’s note, the publishing rights of the magazine have reverted to the Christian History Institute after Christianity Today gave them up in 2010. This being 2011, the issue is devoted to the initial publishing of the King James Bible in 1611.

While I might offer a more in-depth review later, here are some initial thoughts.

Wow! The magazine is attractive. There are pictures on nearly every page. Print media are struggling with viability in today’s digital world-all should consider what CH has done. The pictures are article-relevant (not just pics for pics sake) and while they are numerous, they are not obtrusive in the text. The page stock is thick and glossy. This is not a magazine put together on the cheap.

The magazine is informative. I knew the Geneva Bible remained more popular than the KJV for some time, but never realized one of the reasons was the typeface each version used. The Geneva had a simpler, easier-to-read font. The Geneva Bible was so popular and well-respected that the Translators of the KJV quoted the Geneva Bible in their preface, not their own translation! I had never heard of the “Bible riots” in the 1840’s. I hope contemporary KJV-only folks don’t get any ideas!

I encourage you to check it out. As the editorial states, the publishing of future issues of Christian History is not a guarantee. Check it out and support this valuable effort. You can go to to get a taste of the new product.