20/20 Independent Baptist Church Abuse Episode Winners and Losers

Loser: Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. They can be thankful that our attention span is short. I am not sure by how much, but Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame seems to have been shortened a bit. Still, as long as they all call themselves the same thing they all face the same ridicule.

Winner: The Church of Jesus Christ. “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’

Loser: Concord Police Department. Yeah, I just hope a big part of you “ongoing investigation” is internal. Tina Anderson was wronged on multiple levels. She was not protected by those who should have protected her; before or after the crime.

Winner: Brian Fuller. It is rare in cases like this that the more someone says the better they come off, but pastor Fuller seems to be an exception. He has been put in an unenviable position and responded admirably.

Loser: Fundy watch-bloggers like Bob Bixby. Unhelpful. Embarrassing. Come off sounding like snubbed four year olds. There should be no joy in rubbing people’s faces in this tragedy.

Winner: Bloggers. I do not have data from any other blogs, but I usually receive 10-20 hits per day on my blog. My 20/20 post got three days of 300+ views, 3 days of around 200 views, and three days of around 100 views. Sex sells.

Which, I suppose, just makes us all losers.