On College Expos and Returning to the Creation Museum

This past Saturday I took a group of teens to the Creation Museum for the College Expo they were having.

A note to college reps: I know why you are there. You know why you are there. But there is a way to politely cut off talking with a pastor so that you may talk to a prospective student. Again, I know why you are there, but being overly rude to pastors, or youth pastors, etc isn’t exactly going to help your cause in the long run.

It was funny to watch the reps from Fairhaven. Whenever a girl would walk up, the eyes of the reps would ever so quickly drop down to see what sort of garments were covering (or not covering) the legs. (Both the reps were female BTW. They weren’t being pervs…)

It was good to talk a bit with the reps from an Alma Mater. And a bit sad. I am praying for you.

As for the Creation Museum…

It was the second time I have visited. The last time was about three years ago. The facilities and displays are beginning to show their age. I don’t know how one goes about dusting some of those dioramas, but it should probably be done. Same things goes for man of the life-size displays.

Hey guys: before you sink 25 million into to a boat (pun somewhat intended) you might want to give a little attention to what you already have.

I had a very good time with a group of kids that I could not have been happier about.