Why Every Self-Respecting Premillennialist (and Amillennialist) should listen to Tom Schriener’s sermon on Revelation 20 and The Millennium

Anyone involved in the Millennial debate–even if the debate is only internal!–should listen to Tom Schreiner’s sermon on Revelation 20 entitled The Millennium. Everyone should listen to it because it is a model of gracious interaction with opposing viewpoints.  Whatever your position on eschatology you will profit from Schriener’s approach in his presentation.  Exemplary.

Premillennialists should listen to it not just because of how he teaches, but what he teaches.  I do not recall if Schreiner ever came right out and said so, but he dealt well with one of the major structural arguments made by Amillennialists: that Rev. 20 is a recapitulation of Rev. 12 (See, for example, A Case for Amillennialism by Kim Riddlebarger).  While it seems that Schreiner does believe that the 3 series of of judgments have elements of recapitulation (and I think he is right to do so), he does a wonderful job of showing from the text of Revelation 20 elements that are contradictory to a recapitulation of Revelation 12.

Premillennialists should compare this to MacArthur’s somewhat infamous salvo at the Shepherd’s Conference on Premillinnialism.  Schriener’s sermon is free from the embarrasing historical, logical, and theological errors that appear  in MacArthur’s sermon.  (See Riddlebarger for a measured response from an Amillennialist.)

Amillennialists have good reasons for holding the position they do.  Biblical reasons and biblical support.  Schriener recognizes this, but believes there are more compelling reasons to be a Premillennialist.

HT:Ben Wright