Time and Eternity

Time is the measure of things not lasting. Its endurance distinguishes it from those things it measures. Yet time is not. It is always coming or going. As soon as time is here it is gone.

Time is the measure of things that cannot last. It is the measure of our inability to be anywhere now.

It is the measure of youth lost; age sought. It is the admission of discontentment.

When remembered it is as something no longer. Existence now is only in nonexistence.

To be timeless. To be neither coming, nor going. To be here, until there is not until.

Eternity is what we look forward to because there will be nothing to look forward to. Nothing better on the horizon. Nothing lost and mourned.

Christ is eternity.

Eternity is not the absence of time. Eternity is not because time is not: it is.

Time, my great enemy. Know that when you finally defeat me I will have already conquered you.