Psalm 119:169-176 Taw A prayer and brief note

Lord, I am lost. I can’t see you right now, so I need you to hear my voice. I have said so much about your word. About keeping your word, Seeking your word. Loving your word. But now I need you to hear my word Lord. I need you to hear my voice, because I have wandered. In my cries for help, hear too my praise and rejoicing for the wisdom of your commands. Let your hand be quick to act upon what your ear hears. Look for me Lord! Save me that I may continue to praise you.


The declaration of lostness at the end of Psalm 119 is startling. “Save me” is often cried out. But it is the cry of relief from persecutors, oppression, and affliction. When I read the last verse, I was struck by how little confession of sin and guilt there is in 119. Now I feel as if I need to go back through the Psalm to see if I was missing it or if my stomach was just so full of food from Thanksgiving it started pushing things out of my brain.