The problem with the Morgan Freeman Quote on Newtown…

…is that it is materially correct: even if the source is a complete fabrication.

The president says things must be done now to address this problem. How many of these gunmen have expressed a desire to be famous? There were reports of “someone” in CT of a posting along these very lines the Wednesday before the shootings. How about any news outlet that releases or reports the name(s) of the next perpetrator of such violence is fined 100 million dollars for each victim with all of the money to go to the families of the victims and first responders? We know it happened. Does it really matter who did it?

A side benefit of these fines would be better reporting. In their rush to be first news agencies reported the wrong ID of the killer along with many other factual errors. If they were faced with such punitive damages there would not be any need or desire to be first to report such a detail.

Obviously this would probably have to be waived if the perpetrator survived the event and was able to be prosecuted. But giving so much attention to homicidal, suicidal maniacs only encourages others in similar states of mental ill-health to commit the same acts.