Why Butler will win the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Last year, with the Final Four held in Indianapolis, the connections between Butler, Milan, and the movie Hoosiers were common. Butler’s run in the tournament seemed to be the stuff of legends and fairy tales, and it almost ended that way.

But as anyone with a modest knowledge of Indiana high school basketball knows, Milan’s state title in 1954 was not out of the blue. Little Milan had actually advanced to Final Four of the state tournament in 1953 before losing to South Bend Central. So 1954 was Milan’s return visit to the Final Four.

So what should we take from that? Obviously, since history always repeats itself, Butler will win this years NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Just like Milan they came out of nowhere and made a fairy-tale run in the tournament before ending up just short. Just like Milan they returned the next year to advance to the Final Four. Just like Milan they will win the tournament in their second go-around.

The logic incontrovertible. The history unquestionable.

Butler University Bulldogs: 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball champions.