Gregory of Nazianzus On Man’s Greatest Pleasure

For nothing is so pleasant to men as talking of other people’s business, especially under the influence of affection or hatred, which often almost entirely blinds us to the truth.

Oration 2 (In Defence of His Flight to Pontus), 1

A stickler might quibble over the taxonomy of sin. There is a perverse pleasure in hateful speech, and a warped joy in the blind lover’s gushing. The pleasures might be different, but they are nevertheless real.

May the Lord keep me from three great sins: talking of other’s business, being overly enamored, hatred.


Homosexual vs. Heterosexual Monogamy: Faithfulness is not the Issue

The question is asked by some, “If two people of the same gender are faithful to each other why should they not be able to get married?  What could be wrong with that? Who does it hurt?”

The problem with this line of thinking is that it equates faithfulness with righteousness.   Faithfulness, however, is not a brute virtue.  Faithfulness to something or someone provides no indication of the morality of that fidelity.   There are people who are faithful to the pro-life movement and there are people who are faithful to the pro-abortion movement.  Both of these people cannot be right:  though each be equally faithful.

The issue is not whether two people of the same gender are faithful to each other.  The issue is what they are being faithful to.  A sinner’s faithfulness to sin does nothing to legitimize sin.

Legalized or not.