O Baseball, Late have I loved thee.

Tony DeMarco has a good article on why he will not be casting his Hall of Fame ballot for known or assumed steroid users. I know that football has conquered all sports and dominates America like none other. But baseball remains. (Go ahead and Google James Earl Jones and Field of Dreams now, I’ll wait.)

DeMarco’s article once again shows why baseball is a good lover but a poor wife: it often typifies what is worst in American society while simultaneously displaying the highest ideals of what a successful society should be like. The steroid era wasn’t just in baseball, it was America. Baseball just had its meltdown a little sooner than Wall Street.

It is a great paradox, but for the game of baseball to endureĀ  it needs to constantly remind us that there are things more important than the game. We need Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens et al. We need them excluded from the pinnacle of the sport to remind us that doing something well cannot be done without also doing it virtuously.

Thank you for the reminder Mr. DeMarco.